Jen E. Licensed Massage Therapist

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 Think of the soothing relief you can experience from receiving over an hour of massage to your knees, lower legs, and feet!

Thai Leg & Foot Massage is a traditional massage that combines elements of traditional Thai Yoga, Massage, and Reflexology.  It's perfect for dancers, hikers, athletes, sufferers of plantar fasciitis, people with poor circulation, and those who simply love to have their feet rubbed!  Your legs and feet support your entire body weight throughout the day.

       Thai Foot Massage has many benefits:

  • Improved circulation in the feet and legs
  • Increased flexibility of the foot and ankle 
  • Reduced pain and stiffness in feet
  • Helps relieve headaches, migraines
  • Helps combat stress and Insomnia
Thai Leg & Foot Massage
75 minutes - $80
Includes a 15 minute warm, moist foot towel wrap with a gentle foot exfoliation followed by a 30 minute per knee/ lower leg /foot Massage-Acupressure treatment.
  • Organic cream and Traditional Thai Herbal oil applied to your skin
  • Swedish techniques to help increase circulation in the lower leg muscles (your calf muscles play an active role in returning blood back to the heart)
  • range of motion in the ankle, hip and foot joints to increase flexibility
  • use of a wooden tool penetrating plantar fascia and acupressure points on the bottom of the foot that correspond to body organs and stimulation of energy lines in the feet that travel up through the entire body
  • Thai Foot Massage is performed on a massage table, clothed. Please wear comfortable pants that can be rolled up to just above your knee, or bring shorts to your session.