Jen E. Licensed Massage Therapist

                           Reflexology For Hands & Feet

Reflexology is a gentle therapy based on the principles that there are reflexes in the feet and hands which correspond to every part of the body. When finger pressure is applied to these specific nerve endings in the hands and feet, Reflexology will stimulate increased circulation and blood flow, relax tension, and help aid the body's own healing process. Reflexology is a safe treatment for all ages and only requires the removal of socks and shoes.

Reflexology can help: Stress related conditions, sports injuries, digestive/hormonal conditions, circulation issues, and sleep disorders. Reflexology is a soothing treatment for people who experience chronic stiffness and soreness in their feet and hands. It is also a deeply relaxing therapy for the body's central nervous system especially for people who tend to internalize their stress 


DRY HAND & FOOT ~ 60 minutes  $60
Includes a 15 minute per hand and foot Reflexology-Massage treatment. A soothing way to energize these parts of the body that work the hardest.

HELPING HANDS ~ 60 minutes  $65
Includes a warm, moist towel wrap for the hands with a 15 minute neck massage, followed by a 45 minute hand Reflexology - Massage. This treatment is especially beneficial for hands that tendto be cold and stiff from lack of circulation, arthritic conditions, and repetitive use.     

SOLE REVIVAL ~ 75 minutes  $70      

Includes a 15 minute warm, moist foot towel wrap with a gentle foot exfoliation followed by a 30 minute per foot Reflexology - Massage treatment. This session will change the way you view your feet and how revitalizing Reflexology therapy is!

THE WORKS ~ 75 minutes  $80
Includes a warm, moist towel wrap for the hands, and a warm, moist towel wrap with a gentle foot exfoliation for the feet,               followed by 15 minutes per hand & foot Reflexology-Massage treatment.

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